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Minetest Mod chemtech Ideas

Mod name
Mod specialisation
chemistry and technology

Ores and Grades

Processing chain:
Node ---> Lump -+-> Dirty powder ---> Powder ---> smelt/electrolyze

When you break/mine ore node, you get some lumps and stone depending on the ore grade and surrounding stone. Then you grind the lumps dependin on the quaity to powder or to dirty powder. Dirty powder must be purified before smelting.

Ore node and Ore lump item are the same minetest thing, just the item has different visual. You usualy get 5 lumps of ore and 4 pices of the host rock. The lumps contain some of host rock as inpurity and are processed by crushng and purification. Then depending on the chemical nature of ore, the clean powder can be smelted to metal, used as is or processed in different way.

Charcoal production

Charcoal is the first step to industry. It is easy to produce from wood in a charcoal klin. The klin is 3x2x2 or 3x2x4 multiblock machine. You load in the wood splits, add some sticks or leaves as initial fuel and click with torch to light up. Fire appears in the window and fumes from the chimney. As the fuel is consumed internals will heat up. When the temerature raises above certain point the wood gas will catch fire and provide heat for the rest of conversion, you can stop adding fuel. Gas production can be so intense that fire appears from the chimney. When the fire inside stops, the charcoal is ready byt it is hot and would catch fire if you try to take it out. Wait for it to cool down and enjoy your achievment.

In the future you will be able to build better owens to capture the wood gas and process coal, peat and biomass in addition to wood. The gas is flamable and can be refined in condenser to produce bio-crude-oil and bio-gas, both of which are flamable. In addition bio-crude-oil contains numerous chemical compounds.

Furnace and Cooking

The oven you cook in is much different than that used to smelt ore.

First you create bonfire like a caveman. It cooks items slowly, burns fuel fast and produces lot of smoke. Burns only sticks and firewood. Next is clay stove made from clay and sand. It consumes less fuel, reaches higher temperasture and can burn charcoal. It is easy to attach an oven to bake bread. But still can't smelt ores.

You smelt your first ores and fire pottery in a small furnace made from similar marerials to stove. Furnaces accept only charcoal as a fuel. Oxide ores are reduced without a crucible in direct contact with the blazing coals. Due to lack of crucible molten metal drips out and forms nuggets. You then melt theese nuggets in hardened clay crucible and cast into sand/clay mold.

UI: melting and casting in furnace ui. icon shows state of crucible, crucible is nonstackable meta item, metals disappear immediately, cast button, slot for mold, filled mold is nonstackable meta item, cooldown time, break mold on workbench, half filled mold yelds nuggets, multiple slots for molds.

All heat devices have internal temperature and heat capacity. To start a fire add sticks or leaves and click with a torch. Bonfire can be additionaly lit with stick or flint lighter. Additional fuel will catch fire if there are any live coals left. You can reduce fuel consumption and heat by reducing air intake, but this works better in higher level furnaces.

Materials mod

To unify items from various mods, need for centralised item registry emerged. This idea can be found in Minecraft Forge. material list.

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